Set up inside the spaces of the ancient convent of San Pietro, the MEC – Emotional Museum of Craco – represents the gateway to the ghost town of Craco. The visitor will be able to know through the tools of technology, the emotions, the stories, the colors of a unique place where time seems to stand still.

The visit to the museum represents a real time excursus on Craco’s past, present and future. Themes related to its historical vicissitudes and its protagonists will be explored, it will be possible to observe the change that the landslide process and human neglect have produced over time. To this must be added the long and laborious work of valorisation and promotion undertaken in recent years, which is bringing the town to the forefront of national and international media.

Craco yeterday and today, multimedia platform

The various installations present will guide the visitor along this path, such as:

  • Technical installations and artistic exhibitions, with recovery projects and visions for Craco, the result of the work of the students of the most renowned international universities of Architecture
  • Innovative multimedia stations, to discover insights and historical photos, references to cinema (a fundamental part of the history of the city) to the natural landscapes that surround Craco …
  • Galleries with photographic exhibitions.
  • Panoramic terraces, to enjoy the best views of Craco and the surrounding area.

The place where the multimedia installation of the MEC is born is the Convent of San Pietro of the observant friars minor, a structure built starting from 1620, located at the gates of the ghost town of Craco. A powerful recovery work that took place in two phases in 1998-2000 and in 2014-2015, made it possible to make most of the rooms of the Convent accessible, which were in complete abandonment.

Today the structure lives again in a new guise, welcoming visitors with the MEC, it is also often the venue for cultural and educational events, those who organize master classes, workshops, but also concerts or presentations, conferences … find in the Convent the ideal space for development of own initiative.

Panoramic terraces, artistic exhibitions, technical installations, multimedia platforms … The visit to the MEC is an in-depth journey on the life of Craco, YESTERDAY – TODAY – TOMORROW


The convent of San Pietro, dating back to 1631, renovated in 2015, offers ideal spaces for carrying out artistic, cultural and research projects. With large equipped rooms and outdoor spaces useful for public events and workshops