The art and cinema atelier with art workshops, youth hostel and place for tastings of typical products.
it is the ideal place for those who want to spend more time in Craco, stop to stay or simply enjoy the traditional tastes of Basilicata.
Its large indoor and outdoor spaces make it ideal for those who want to develop projects in Craco or for the troupes that come here to shoot. Inside, in addition to the bedrooms and bathrooms, you will find the kitchen that serves typical products, a large living room as a common area and a “cinema” room with screenings of films shot in Craco. Inevitable even here the beautiful panoramic terraces that offer a unique view of the historic center of the ghost town.

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The structure

Set up inside the former Craco school, today the Atelier of art and Cinema is a versatile and very large structure, organized on two floors and with access to people with disabilities

Large private room with double bed

Rooms with bunk beds that can accommodate 4 people

Spacious rooms that can be used to develop activities inside, or as canteen / dining rooms with tables and seats. In the case of groups, dormitories can be set up that can accommodate 8/10 beds per room.

The main altrio is a large space that takes much of the structure. It can host various group activities as well as large buffet tables. It easily accommodates over fifty people.

Complete with electric oven, fridge area and set of dishes for cooking food while in the Atelier

Outdoor space of over 150 square meters very useful for outdoor activities or even for setting up stands for festivals / events.

Room equipped with projector and seating for stopping to watch movies / screenings or develop presentations

The shared bathrooms, complete with shower, are adjacent to the rooms, one per floor and with disabled access