A won bet, a challenge faced with determination and passion

Started in 2009 in a situation of total abandonment, in a looted and scorned place, today the historic center of Craco, in the heart of Basilicata, is a reality.
The constant commitment of the municipal administration in these years has made it possible to obtain, by decree of 24.02.2015 of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism MIBACT, the declaration of considerable public interest of the old town of Craco. Further work was carried out to extend the visit route, with evening lighting, the use of the MEC | Craco Emotional Museum (projection room, digital historical, cinematic and memory archive) use of the art and cinema atelier with art workshops, youth hostel and place for tasting typical products.

The Craco Card service allows the visitability of the historic center and the use of the services throughout the year and through the Craco Card tool we have built a great community to support the recovery, protection and enhancement of this splendid and fascinating historic center.

The strengthening of services, of creative, artistic and research activities, its affirmation in national and international media and its qualification as a location of excellence in the world of cinema, advertising, television and fashion.

2016 was the first year of the Park’s regime, but already in this first start-up phase we record significant numbers:

In ten years we have gone from 217 visitors in 2009 to 26.000 in 2019. A growing trend that has now generated 4 permanent jobs and a continuous cleaning, maintenance, safety and therefore to a continuous protection of our extraordinary cultural heritage, historical and landscape.

In the top ten of the most fascinating ghost towns in the world. We are waiting for you


MEC | Craco Emotional Museum
At the former convent of San Pietro

Set up inside the spaces of the ancient convent of San Pietro, the MEC – Emotional Museum of Craco – represents the gateway to the ghost town of Craco. Visitors will be able to learn through the tools of technology about the emotions, stories and colors of a unique place where time seems to stand.

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Atelier of Art and Cinema
Hostel & Food

The atelier of art and cinema with art workshops, youth hostel and place for tastings of typical products.
it is the ideal place for those who want to spend more time in Craco, stop and stay or simply enjoy the traditional tastes of Basilicata

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The Palace of Culture
Movietheatre “Gian Maria Volontè”

A modern construction, with 60 seats, it is home to the most important cultural events in the city (together with the MEC halls) located in the new city of Craco Peschiera is the bridge between the Museum Scenographic Park and the local community. The movietheatre is highly versatile, there are film screenings (also on request), concerts, presentations and other events.

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