Craco has a unique stage presence for photography. Thanks to its particular architectural conformation, made of alleys that intertwine and flow into small squares that like small amphitheatres open up to boundless and uncontaminated landscapes. Each corner is full of unique details that inextricably link the history of a time that has been, to the effects of abandonment, objects of the past that have stood still over time, vivid colors of ancient decorations that combine with decay and nature that takes up its spaces. All in a breathtaking landscape setting. The typical Lucanian landscape made of huge natural expanses, gentle hills golden with wheat, which in every season offer different colors, surrounded by mountainous peaks and at the same time by the Ionian coasts, and alternated by the equally lunar landscape of the badlands, which makes it even more unique this land.

A special scenography that lends itself to many types of activities related to the image, fashion shows, historical reconstructions, and not surprisingly chosen by many also for photo workshops, ideal for landscape photography, architecture, urbex, portrait set, thanks to the very reduced light pollution, is a strategic point for night and astronomical photography.

In Craco, the imagination is the only limit!


Its particular architectural beauty, combined with the charm of abandonment, of nature that takes over human work, and in a breathtaking landscape setting, made up of badlands, sea and mountains, unique places in Basilicata, have allowed Craco to be source of inspiration for various directors and audio-video producers.

The boundless landscapes, the alleys, the walls and the houses of the abandoned city have offered and continue to offer an ideal set to the different types of Italian and international production that have decided to come and film here.

Cinematographic works, music videos, commercials or real documentaries on Craco, a long list of productions to which Craco offered its stage presence, making all the products unique.

Thanks to the experience gained in recent years following the main international productions, we are prepared to support with our structures all types of audiovisual productions.

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