Craco landscape for art culture and research - international festival - 3° ed. 2018

The Municipality of Craco intends to create a small-scale European cooperation network through the “Landscape for art, culture and Research in Europe” project. This will be the first step of an ambitious project aimed at creating a real artistic and technological cultural platform that has at its center the relationship between Landscape and Contemporary Art and which intends to propose a dual purpose by structuring the project into two thematic areas of activity:

A. Knowing to preserve and protect by investigating sounds, colors and shapes of the landscape in a representation of high technical and scientific quality, faithful, also with 3D representations of places between nature and history, colors and shapes of artifacts and nature that blend seamlessly of continuity in their sound context

B. Apply new technologies to represent and transform virtually, between creativity and art, these landscapes by producing multimedia installations, virtual reality products and real three-dimensional artistic products (3 D artscape).

Many experiences in this field are now widespread in Europe but there is no structured cooperation network between local public institutions, businesses, research centers and universities, museum centers, associations and cultural foundations and artists and the project intends to create it and thus contribute a growth in the artistic and creative use of the landscape, offering the public user of the European museums of graphics, design and contemporary art new content, new experiences and new emotions.
The project also intends to field an innovative territorial marketing model by proposing a widespread participation of the public in the artistic experience to be carried out in the places that the three communities will make available online for artists and the public and through a web portal dedicated to the project on which share experiences and projects, integrating an active use of the public through the main social media.

Creative spaces in which there is ample power of choice on the media to be used: photography, painting, video, literature, poetry, design, digital art, to be chosen according to the emotional experiences sought by the artists and the public.

The tools / formats / containers to be used will allow the project activities to be carried out in different ways: experiences / events, cultural and artistic production projects, workshops and laboratories, fairs / festivals for the socialization and communication of experiences.

Make the Craco Museum Park a real incubator for projects and cultural artistic and research enterprises.

Young artists, students and researchers will also be able to stay in the Atelier made available to them.