1. Objectives and guidelines of the Municipal Strategic Plan for Innovation (PSCI)
The municipal administration of Craco intends to promote initiatives aimed at researching, developing, using, demonstrating and experimenting with new technologies and thus participating in the creation of European and international technological platforms in this sector making the municipal territory of Craco a real Test Site with pilot-scale experimental and/or demonstration projects and with integrated territorial innovation projects that combine training and technology transfer activities with research and innovation.
2. Priority sectors and areas of intervention:
A. Problems of hydrogeological instability and of the prevention and management of natural disasters including the management of water resources and civil protection interventions by carrying out the project for the creation of an international open-field laboratory for research and innovation on landslides and soil protection
B. Problems of environmental and territorial monitoring that integrate satellite technologies, microelectronics, and nanotechnologies and any other technology available or to be researched and/or developed
C. Advanced applications of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), broadband and digital technologies giving life to the DIGITAL CRACO project
D. Management of soil and subsoil resources for non-agricultural activities
E. Management of local agriculture production chains
F. Innovative territorial development projects
G. Management and innovative public administration services including the waste cycle
H. Innovative models and new technologies for managing educational and training processes
I. New technologies for cultural and artistic production with particular reference to cinematographic and audiovisual production
J. New technologies and models of building recovery and restoration and maintenance of buildings and artifacts in historical and archaeological areas affected by hydrogeological instability
K. Other research, innovation and training actions of interest to the territory and the community

3. For the implementation of these guidelines, the Municipality of Craco intends to start the establishment of spontaneous and informal private-public partnerships with suitable and qualified subjects to be selected through an open procedure through which to gather expressions of interest and then proceed to negotiated procedures for the definition of agreements and agreements aimed at implementing projects and interventions to be carried out together with the chosen partners, in the legal forms that will be considered the most appropriate, in compliance with national and European standards and good practices, to be defined in the negotiated procedure phase and for this purpose with 2 specific consequential phases:
A. Collection and selection of the expressions of interest of technological, industrial, research and financial subjects through an open branch procedure and assignment of the status of partner (stakeholder)
B. Definition and implementation of the projects of the partners through a negotiated and concerted procedure that identifies research and development platforms and networks, punctual interventions and training and development actions of local businesses in accordance with the strategic guidelines defined by the resolution of GC n. 81 of 13/08/2009.
4. In addition to the municipal properties, the municipality will make available for the Citadel of Innovation project, through specific agreements, also land, buildings, systems and systems privately owned by citizens located in the municipal area of ​​Craco, including the areas and properties vacated in the old historic center which will be able to enter the availability of the Municipality of Craco, in the most appropriate legal forms and in compliance with the law, by virtue of voluntary expressions of interest and subsequent voluntary acts defined by the above negotiation procedure, by the owner citizens for the purpose to promote the citadel of innovation also on their properties.
5. Public and private technological, industrial, financial, research and university subjects, also associated with each other, national and international who have documented experience in the sectors of intervention and who have solid scientific, financial and / or business to be documented through:

1. For businesses:
– Summary of the final balance of the last 3 years and for the new enterprises budget estimate for 2012-2013 and business plan of the enterprise
– Complete Certificate of Registration with the Chamber of Commerce or similar body in the case of non-Italian subjects with the wording anti-mafia
– Curriculum with the indication of the activities carried out which are deemed significant for the purpose of this notice
2. For research institutions and private universities:
Articles of association and articles of association, list of shareholders and Report on the activities carried out which are deemed significant for the purposes of this notice with indication of the organizational structure, its dimensions and a summary of the activities carried out in the last three years and for those newly established budget estimate for the 2012-2013 and business plan of the company or plan/program of the institution
– For centers, institutes and research bodies and public universities, regulatory provision of institution and report on activities carried out, organization chart, powers of representation in force and final balance 2011
For everyone, a preliminary design report must be presented which clearly shows:
A. An illustrative report of the preliminary design idea indicating Product, service, innovative technology that is intended to be proposed and implemented in the municipal area of ​​Craco in relation to the sectors and priority areas defined in point 2 of this notice
B. The Person in charge of representing the interested party in the procedure
The municipality of Craco reserves the right to ask for further information and documents in the case of non-exhaustive documentation.
6. The notice will remain open as a counter procedure and expressions of interest can be presented at any time from the date of publication of the notice in the Praetorian register of the Municipality of Craco and on the website .it
7. The expressions of interest will be evaluated by the Body according to the chronological order of presentation and the procedure will be concluded with the approval of the preliminary project idea and the assignment of the status of partner (stakeholder) through a deliberative act of the City Council. The selected subjects will thus be admitted to the negotiated procedure which will lead to the definition of preliminary projects and project partnerships
8. Conditions of participation:
– The subjects who intend to show interest to participate must obligatorily pay the sum of Euro 200.00 in advance to the body of the institution by way of reimbursement of preliminary costs, by payment on postal account n. 12585758 or by bank transfer with credit on account with IBAN code: IT18 J052 5680 3910 0000 8007 644 Banca Popolare del Mezzogiorno branch of Pisticci (MT), in favor of the Municipality of Craco
– Expressions of interest must be submitted by a registered letter with a return receipt. addressed to the MUNICIPALITY OF CRACO, Viale Monsignor Mastronardi 2, 75010 CRACO (MATERA-ITALIA) with the indication
\ “Expression of interest for the Citadel of Innovation project \”
– All expressions of interest presented by subjects who have disputes with the public administration of Craco will be excluded
– All demonstrations made by subjects for which corruption, fraud, and criminal association proceedings are in progress will be excluded.
– The non-existence of these exclusion conditions must be made with a self-certification signed and authenticated in accordance with the law.
– For all obligations, the rules of Italian and Community law or other rules of international law will apply if applicable and compatible.

9. The person in charge of the procedure is Mr. Arch. Tonino D’Onofrio tel. 0835 459005. E-mail:

Craco, 02/01/2012
The Head of the Technical Sector
Arch. Tonino D’Onofrio