Conditions for visiting the Museum Scenography Park of Craco
(Annex1 to determine n. 5 12/01/2016)

 The Museum Scenography Park of Craco can be visited by acquiring of CRACO CARD DAILY (daily) customized and valid only on the day of its release. The Craco Card gives access to the historic center of Craco through a secured pathway, to the Municipal Library, the Atelier of Art and Cinema, to the monastery of S. Peter and the Palace of Culture (located Craco Peschiera only for events and viewing movies shot at Craco) in addition to free parking in the areas reserved to holders of Craco Card.

Entrance is free for children under 14 years if accompanied by holders of Craco Card.

The minimum donations for the release of Craco Card are of 10,00 ¬ in case of day visit in the secured pathway and other services made available at the media Centre and € 15,00 for the complete tour. The complete tour allows you, apart from visiting the secured partway and the Media Centre, the access to the Atelier of Art and Cinema, the monastery of S. Peter and the Palace of Culture.

The daily visits are carried out every day from 10:00 am to Sunset by addressing to the Reception at the Media Centre in Via S. Angelo snc, Craco Old.

With a minimum donation of € 100,00  you adhere to CRACO CARD GOLD, it valid for one year with which, in addition to the visit and events throughout the year, it is possible to carry out photographic and audio-visual for artistic, cultural and journalistic use only within the period of  its validity indicated in the authorization issued by the municipality of Craco, with which the persons authorized to donate commits to free of rights, and a copy of the project realized must be donated to the Municipality of Craco for archive and promotional use only .

The evening and pre-evening tours in the secured pathway of the historic center is carried out exclusively on the basis of reservation with a minimum of 3 visitors, the visit of groups consisting of 3 to 5 visitors will be adjusted using the CRACO GOLD CARD with a basic amount of € 100,00. Each additional visitor is established an additional cost of € 20,00. The basic amount should be paid at the time of booking, also online. Residents of Craco the daily and evening rates have applied a reduction of 50% and residents under 14 to 18 years of age if accompanied by an adult shall receive a reduction of 70 % of the charges. For visits in the English language, both day and evening the minimum donation is increased of € 5,00.


Visits are made throughout the year, from 9.30 am till Sunset, by addressing to the Media Centre in via S. Angelo, old Craco. The evening and pre-evening tours can be carried out exclusively on the basis of reservation

For visits and contact information:

Saverio (English and Italian guide) (+39) 327 438 6948

Reception: (+39)  393382183892